Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Supernatural, Episode 9.09 "Holy Terror" (Review + Gif + Twitter)

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Castiel: That's according to April.
Dean: The Reaper you banged.
Castiel: Yeah, and you stabbed.
Dean: Yeah. She was hot.
Castiel: So hot. And very nice.
Dean: Mm.
Castiel: Up to the point she started torturing me.
Dean: Yeah. Well, not every hookup's perfect.

Very very short review, just to say: oh, what an episod! Terrific!! Wonderful!! So many things happened! Some made me happy, some made me extremely sad, almost all shocked me a lot!

But, at the end, there is only one thing in my mind, that really really pissed me off:

Enjoy praying Castiel:

As usual, some actors, writers, etc. commented live the episode on Twitter, and as usual Misha Collins was the funniest! Here some of his tweets.

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