Monday, 6 January 2014

Naming archaic human populations

So now we face a Denisova Denisovan genome and a Denisova Neandertal genome. The Denisova Denisovan genome is part Denisova Neandertal. There are two additional Denisova Denisovan mtDNA genomes. For all we know, the nuclear genomes of those apparent Denisovans may be different mixtures of the Denisova Denisovan and Denisova Neandertal populations.

With the recent discoveries about ancient human population, there's starting to be a little of confusion about the name of all those different populations. John Hawks in this interesting article explains the problem aboot Denisovian and Neanderthal.

Con le recenti scoperte sulle popolazioni umane antiche, sta iniziando ad esserci un po' di confusione sul nome di tutte queste popolazioni diverse. John Hawks in questo interessante articolo spiega il problema riguardo ai Denesoviani e i Neandertaliani.

Naming archaic human populations
by John Hawks
from john hawks weblog, January 01, 2014

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