Saturday, 30 August 2014

Mark Sheppard - Lover's Knot [42 Icons]

Lover's Knot is a 1996 romantic comedy in which Mark plays the main character's best friend. The movie was boring, but Mark was amazing! :) Unfortunately the screencaps I took were very bad, so the image quality sucks, but Mark compensates with his awesomeness! :)

Lover's Knot è una commedia romantica del 1996, in cui Mark interpreta il miglior amico del protagonista. Il film era noioso, ma Mark era fantastico! :) Purtroppo le screencaps che ho preso erano molto brutte, quindi la qualità dell'immagine fa schifo, ma Mark compensa con la sua meravigliosità! :)


01. hat 02. shaving foam 03. 04. ladies' man 05. Romeo

06. Romeo 07. Romeo 08. Romeo 09. black and white 10. hoodie

11. couch 12. yellow 13. waiter 14. ladies' man 15. bondage

16. frown 17. ladies' man 18. in the past 19. sepia 20. ladies' man

21. orange 22. S&M 23. basket 24. 25. ladies' man

26. drinking 27. drinking 28. ladies' man 29. the mighty pointing finger of doom 30. lipless

31. blue 32. basket 33. basket 34. in the past 35. bathrobe

36. green 37. bottle-nose 38. 39. ladies' man 40. Virgin

41. chauffeur 42. pirate - - -

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