Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Episode 3.19 "Failed Experiments" [#tvseries #review]

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I realize that many of my reviews start with "at beginning of the episode," or things like that, and this one is no exception: the openings this series are always very intriguing! :) In fact, this episode begins with a scene set several thousand years ago: we see Alveus when he was still human, captured by the Kree. Then we jump to the present and we see that Hive is telling Daisy this story, explaining that to transform his DNA they used their blood... but then... Coulson too? He also has Kree blood in his veins! I always thought of this possibility, but they never seem to consider it... I wonder if he's tried one of those pills! However, our Coulson is really really worried about Daisy, but it seems that for Mack it's even worse. He insists that Daisy is "fighting" Hive's influence. And unfortunately I really disliked the part about him in this episode, because

A nice, interesting episode, only with the exception of the Mack/Daisy scene that I mentioned before.

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