Thursday, 7 February 2019

The Conspiracy of Catiline (De coniuratione Catilinae) [#books #review]

by Sallust

Strangely enough, the parts in which Sallust tells the events, when there's a bit of action, turned out to be the most boring. I preferred his reflections about the historical context that led to the degeneration of customs and the flowering of conspiracies. This is because, as it always happens when I read classics, what I love most of this kind of books is to rediscover situations and feelings of nowdays. The corrupt government, the disappearing of morality, how not to identify with all of this? In fact, even if I gave a low mark to this book, because as I said I found it partially boring, I found a lot of quotes I liked, quite a few, for such a small book.

In short, far from being one of my favorite classics, it was a pleasant reading.

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