Sunday, 10 February 2013

Death in Paradise: Episode 1.08
(22 Icons and Review)

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Season finale, I hope not series-finale!
Nice, but not exceptional. Poole is very funny when he talks to the other englishman: they get along each other perfectly, they've the same complaints to do! :) And I have to admit that I agree with them: I neither could live in a place without seasons!!
Caribbean is anyway a wonderful place, with houses completely dipped into luxuriant vegetation... I think it's hell about insects, but it's amazing!!! :)

At the end of the episode
01. Lizard 02. Window 03. Window 04. Camille 05. Thoughtful

06. Wordless 07. Couple 08. Couple 09. Couple 10. Profile

11. Finger 12. Ship 13. BAMF 14. Quotation marks 15. Amused

16. Hello! 17. Hi! 18. Funny faces 19. Funny face 20. No signal

21. Beers 22. Cheers! - - -

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