Monday, 18 February 2013

Death in Paradise: Episode 2.03 (Review)

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Camille: How is it that someone who had gone to school here doesn’t know a word of French?
Richard: Well, I know plenty of people who went to school in England and can’t speak English…

In the hottest time of the year the muggy weather seems to stop even criminals, so Ours find themselves in idleness. When the body of a woman is discovered into the pool of a prestigious clinic, Poole feels sorry discovering that it's a suicide. Or maybe not?

I didn't find this episode being particularly interesting, but it's sure funnier than the previous, expecially for Poole's "misadventure” and fixation! At the beginning, without a case to solve, he gets bored, then when all the clues lead them to believe that the woman's death was a murder, he seems very happy! And, most of all, he center on the cup of tea left by the victim in half: a special tea, very expensive, so how is it possible she didn't drink it all?!? And he's obsessed by this tea during all the episode, whereas the others think he's crazy, and that the reasons why the victim didn't finished her cup of tea can be many. But as an expert of tea, Richard knows that a person who makes an exquisite tea, should have had an excellent and important reason to not finish that drink!

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