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Dragons of Winter Night

by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Dragonlance Chronicles 2
Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Dragons of Spring Dawning

Why was I different? Sturm wondered. But he knew the answer, even as he listened to the dwarf grumble. It's because of the dwarf, the kender, the mage, the half-elf. They had taught him to see the world through other, slanted eyes, smaller eyes, even hourglass eyes. Derek saw the world in stark black and white. Sturm had the world in all its radiant colors, in all its bleak grays.
The army of the Dark Queen advances gaining more and more land. Ours heroes view their task become increasingly difficult, and, facing a disappointment after another, they will find themselves eventually parting company, splitting up with the gruesome prediction by Raistlin: "Some of us are not destined to meet again in this world!"

And now with this second book I got to give the 5 stars to this saga! But I had no doubts that I would have engrossed in it more and more! :) With this novel I was involved from the very first lines! It begins with a preview of a scene that we will see later, that is Raistlin's enigmatic farewell which I quoted in the plot. Since from the beginning, in other words, it happens what I foreshadowed: this book tells of night and winter, not only because it takes place in this season, but also metaphorically, as our heroes experience their darkest and discouraging hour. And the worst is that they're forced by events to part company several times. It must be a topos of fantasy stories the company that is divided, or is it a tribute (because I can't believe it's a plagiarism!), again, to Tolkien? The echoes of The Lord of the Rings are more significant than in the previous book: in addition to the separation of the company there are, for example, the dragon orbs, which remind Palantìri.
But I'm not complaining about this, because the originalities of this saga are many, anyway, and especially for what concern the characters.
Tas continues to be my favourite! :) His are some of the most beautiful quotes I have reported below. In addition, in this book
And then there is Raistlin. Far from clarifying this character, the authors make it even more enigmatic, and, for this reason, I can't deny it, even more fascinating!
We see him buying more and more power, but at the same time every now and again we discover something about him that we wouldn't expect. For example, despite his surly and domineering ways, he really cares for his companions, and his brother in particular. And despite his thirst for power, a couple of times we see him regret, if only for a moment, what he sacrificed in the name of magic: "Things can never again be the same between us, can they?" the half-elf asked quietly.
Raistlin looked at him for a moment, and Tanis saw a brief flicker of regret in the young mage's eyes, a longing for trust and friendship and a return to the days of youth.
"No." Raistlin whispered. "But such was the price I paid."

Finally, I never expect this of him, but Raist is the only one who really loved being an itinerant artist, when Ours tried to raise some money! :)
We haven't yet discovered what's happened during the Raistlin's Testing. In addition to his strength and his health he must have given up something else, something which is forbidden to speak about.
New characters are added (more or less) to the company (if you still can call it that, now that it splits!), and also among them there already are some characters that I like a lot! For example, we meet Silvara and we finally know Kitiara,
And then, for my great and immense joy,

The novel ends, like any good second chapter, with many questions left unresolved. And it leaves us still, despite everything, with the hope of dawn and spring. As I said in the previous review, I really like these titles referred to the seasons and times of the day. But last time I didn't thought that the title also refers, justifiably, to the dragons. In fact, dragons of autumn twilight are red dragons, red like the sun at sunset. Dragons of winter night are dark blue, the color usually associated with the night sky (even though it is actually black). So how will the Dragons of Spring Dawning be? Pink? ;) Perhaps, probably, gold or silvers ones... I hope! ;)

Book Info Title: Dragons of Winter Night
Author: Margaret Weis (official site) and Tracy Hickman (official site)
Saga: Dragonlance Chronicles (2)
Italian title: Le Cronache di DragonLance - I draghi della notte d’inverno
First publication date: 1985
Publisher: Armenia
Italian translation: Costanza Galbarti and Maria Merlo
Pages: 286

Bookmark made by yama30.


"The Hammer of Kharas!"
The great Hall of Audience of the King of the Mountain Dwarves echoed with the triumphal announcement. It was followed by wild cheering, the deep booming voices of the dwarves mingling with the slightly higher-pitched shouts of the humans as the huge doors at the rear of the Hall were thrown open and Elistan, cleric of Paladine, entered. [incipit]
He [Tanis] has the qualities we are told are essential for leadership, He is quick-thinking, intelligent, creative. But most of us possess these - in greater or lesser degree. Why do the others follow Tanis? Sturm is off noble blood, member of an order whose rants go back to ancient times. Why does he obey a bastard half-elf? And Riverwind? He distrusts all who are not human and half who are. Yet he and Goldmoon both would follow Tanis to the Abyss and back. Why? [...]
Tanis listens to his feelings. He does not suppress them, as does the knight, or hide them, as does the Plainsman. Tanis realizes that sometimes a leather must think with his heart and not his head.
And he wept, when the dragons killed the people. I've never seen an adult weep before. Even when the dragons came and drove us from our home, we did not weep. I think, perhaps, we've forgotten how.
Alhana Starbreeze
"According to kender law, if there is a kender law, everybody sort of owns everything." (This was quite true. The kenders' casual attitude toward the possessions of others extended to them own. Nothing in a kender house remained there long, unless it was nailed to the floor. Some neighbor was certain to wander in, admire it, and absentmindedly walk off with it. A family heirloom among kenders was defined as anything remaining in a house longer than three weeks.)

- You know were all going to die.
- That's what you said when we faced that black dragon in, Xak Tsaaoth. Then you said the same thing. Thorbardin; and then there was the boat-
- This time we're going to die! If have to kill you myself!
Flint and Tas
Be thankful you can feel pity and horror at the death of an enemy. The day we cease to care-even for our enemies-is the day we have lost this battle.

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