Monday, 20 May 2013

House, M.D. (4 Icons)

Hugh Laurie as Gregory House.
The words in the first icon are from The Who's song "Baba O'Rilley".

Hugh Laurie nella parte di Gregory House.
La parole nella prima icona vengono dalla canzone degli Who "Baba O'Rilley".

01. blue 02. need doctor 03. Mhm... 04. House

With the number 01 I won Best charachter/actor in "other telefilm" category on iconawards.
Con la numero 01 ho vinto il Best charachter/actor nella categoria "other telefilm" agli iconawards.

Feel free to use and/or share these icons, but please:
- don't alter them
- save them on your own server, or on some free host (for example imageshack) - do no hotlink!
- give credit to
Thanks! :)

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