Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Rasmus (21 Icons)

Some icons about the finnish band The Rasmus.
Five about the song "In the shadows", one about the band and the remaining about Lauri Ylonen, the singer.

Alcuni avatar sulla band finlandese The Rasmus.
Cinque sulla canzone "In the shadows", uno sulla band e gli altri su Lauri Ylonen, il cantante.


01. In the shadows 02. In the shadows 03. In the shadows 04. In the shadows 05. In the shadows

06. The Rasmus 07. Lauri 08. Lauri 09. Lauri 10. Lauri

11. Lauri 12. Lauri 13. Lauri 14. Lauri 15. Lauri

16. Lauri 17. Lauri 18. Lauri 19. Lauri 20. Lauri

21. Lauri - - - -

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