Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Supernatural, Episode 9.02 "Devil May Care" (Review)

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Crowley: What's on your mind, Kevin? You can tell me. We're friends.
Kevin: You tortured me.
Crowley: I torture all my friends. It's how I show love.

A very short comment about last night episode of Supernatural: Crowley!!!!! Yay!!!! Since the moment Dean opens the trunk... no, actually since the moment Sam mention him, I alredy started to adore Crowley! Is he changed after the interrupted cure at the end of last season? Maybe, maybe not... Anyway he's always awesome!
I liked the episode, a lot, and, to be honest, not only for Crowley. Kevin was very nice, too, and Abaddon, and Ezekiel. And I like Tracy, too: I guess we'll see her again.
No Cass this time :(, but I had a lot of Crowley, I can't complain, we can't have everything. Still, I'm looking foreward to some Crowstiel scene in the future! Let's hope!!!!

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