Monday, 13 January 2014

Pemberley Ranch (review)

by Jack Caldwell

Vicksburg, Mississippi—May 22, 1863
The day was several hot, stifling hours old when the young, gray-clad captain of infantry once again peeked carefully over the ramparts of his position into morning sun, telescope in hand.

The Civil War has been over for some years, but has left deep scars, like the one in the heart of a girl from Ohio, Elizabeth "Beth" Bennet, who still mourns the death of her brother, for which she blames the Confederates. What a shock to her when her father announces that the family will be moving to Texas: right in the middle those nasty Southerners! When she meets William Darcy, the wealthy owner of Pemberley Ranch, she finds easy to instantly hate him, because the man is practically everything she hates most in the world (despite being extremely charming). And Darcy seems to reciprocate the hostility, why otherwise she would find his penetrating gaze always on her, if not to judge and criticize? What other reason could be? :)

A retelling really well done, blending in my opinion in the right measure similarities and differences with the original, helped by a setting very appealing. The fact that I have read it in the original language once again increases my appreciation :), but objectively this is a good novel, predicted in the "right" points, that still manages to astonish and at one point even to hold my breath! Just a good read! And, also: what a wonderful cover!!

Book Info

Title: Pemberley Ranch
Author: Jack Caldwell (Austen Authors)
First publication date: 2010
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Pages: 363
I decided to read this book after I heard about it HERE.
Bookmarks: I used the one on the right during the reading; it was made by Miss Claire.


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