Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Big Nowhere

by James Ellroy

L.A. Quartet
Black Dalia
L.A. Confidential

I really liked this book. I didn't give it 5 stars just because it took me quite a bit (more than half novel) to gain my interest, but then he caught me so completely that I couldn't not give it a high rating anyway. I usually don't like books, expecially mistery ones, in which at the end there isn't a clear positive solution for the "good ones" (even if this label was very fleeting in this novel) and the "bad ones" are all, somehow, defeated. Yes, I admit it, I've got this weakness of wanting that, at least in fiction, everything is going to end up in the best way. Since this book, however, is a noir I already figured that I would not be left completely satisfied about by this point. Despite this, anyway, I liked the novel a lot, I would say that its "dark" component has increased my pleasure in reading, because I wouldn't be so fond of the various characters if they weren't so sad, flawed, imperfect, unfortunate and a bit "dark" too.


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