Friday, 31 January 2014

Total Chaos (review)

by Jean-Claude Izzo

Marseilles Trilogy

Total Chaos is a novel that involves all five senses. Izzo makes us feel the smells of Marseille, also figured. Bewitches us with the flavors (we eat and drink a lot in this book). He provides us with a soundtrack, with blues, jazz, Latin American sounds and even some Italian songs. This aspect of this novel struck me very much, really made me get into the story, and although I couldn't envision pretty much Marseille when he appointed ways and places, since I've never been there, I still managed to live it fully. Shame about the ending, which I did not like at all, I found it quite inadequate to the rest of the novel. In any case, I think that sooner or later I will read the other novels in the Marseilles Trilogy, I want too much to go back there! :)


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