Thursday, 27 February 2014

Everyman (review)

by Philip Roth

First of all, this book has greatly affected my hypochondria. For each new surgery of the protagonist, who has always lived a healthy lifestyle, doing sports, etc., I found it increasingly difficult to bear. Because I felt all his sensations as they was so like mine, from the most trivial fear to the absurd hate for the healthy ones. Not to mention the thought of death, and the way it takes the protagonist. Honestly speaking, I this book hurt me. After I read it I did not know if I should lower or raise his rating because of this reason: I surely was depressed, or rather, it has fueled my fears, but just because of this I was extremely involved. So eventually I decided to increase the vote, because after a few days I still feel the strong impression that this book produced in me, and I can not stop thinking about it. In addition, when I think back to the title I find it even more brilliant. "Everyman's Jewelry Store" is the name of the shop of the protagonist's father, but I read on the the cover flap that Everyman is also the title of an anonymous fififteenth-century English play whose eponymous protagonist is "called" by death. Personally, 'cause I read that only after I finished the book, I had thought at "everyman" as "this is the story of every man," like saying of any man, but also an ordinary man. Maybe even mine.


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