Monday, 10 March 2014

White Collar, season 5 (Review)

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Elizabeth: Isn't that impossible?
Peter: Impossible is what Neal Caffrey specializes in.
(Episode 1)

A nice season, I still follow this series with pleasure, even though the dynamics between the two main chracter are beginning to seem too much repetitive. But it doesn't became heavy or too boring, and remains a pleasant vision. Then, in this season there was a very special guest star: Mark Sheppard! He resumes the role he had in the very first episod of this series, Curtis Hagen, and I loved every single scene with him in! :D Even just for that, I liked this season a bit more! I'm sorry only for one thing:


Curtis: Tell me something useful.
Mozzie: Okay. uhm... there's a certain tiger fish that's been known to eat crocodiles.
Curtis: You are an odd little creature.
Mozzie: Yeah, and you're a stock thug. You can't even do your own dirty work. Your obvious weakness is your hubris.
Curtis: You speak with such authority.
Mozzie: I've dealt with guys like you before.
Curtis: Then you know we have big teeth and very little patience.
(Episode 10)

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