Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tea Song (song)

The Delphiniums Blue

Another tea song.

Un'altra canzone sul tè.

When all the guests have long gone home
The room grows dark and I dream alone
And the weariness of ages sinks upon me
My mixed up mind of memories
Confronts me with my nemeses
And anguish, angst, and apathy consume me,
Then I drink tea

Shadows leap along the lawn
Harassed girls cry till the eve of dawn
Drunkards shout profane words at the sign posts and the trees
The bright lights of the city frown
The last bus floats away from town
The life and soul of the party holds his head between his knees
And I drink tea

Empty cans on park benches flirt
His hand crawls beneath her skirt
The hunger of the evening swallows all uncertainty
And later he's chased out her door
She feels as empty as before
He feels as imprisoned in his own life story
While I drink tea

I watch these scenes as if at a play
I tell myself I'm better than they
I've escaped the shackles of my humanity
But flames of feeling char my bones
Loneliness and doubt they moan
I know of only one way to avoid my misery
So I drink tea

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