Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mansfield Park (review)

by Jane Austen

...just such a contrast with his early opinion on the subject [...] as time is for ever producing between the plans and decisions of mortals, for their own instruction, and their neighbour's entertainment.

I was incredibly excited about starting to read this novel, because aren't now too many Jane Austen's works that I haven't read yet, and although re-reading is always nice, I think nothing is comparable to the pleasure of discovering something for the first time. Mansfield Park is a beautiful novel, not as much as Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility, I would say, but I reserve a more definitive judgment after having re-read it a couple of times, since I usually always like Austen's novels more each time I re-read them! :)
However, about Mansfield Park I really liked everything, and I found in it plnty of things that I love more about Jane Austen. Even the fact that, for example, the male lead character hasn't fascinated me as I expected, I find it an advantage anyway because for me this novel is different from the others by Aunt Jane.
Now I just have to continue to celebrate the Bicentenary with various transpositions, and wait for the right time to re-read this book!


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