Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Primeval - Office Gossip (Fanfic)

Title: Office Gossip
Fandom: Primeval
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Genre: Het
Challenge: 227 - "Stuff professionalism" at primeval_100
Characters/Pairing: Abby/Lester, Philip
Warnings: NOT CANON
Spoilers: Ep 4.04
Disclaimer: Primeval (unfortunately) is not mine, it belongs to Impossible Pictures. I don't intend violate any copyrigth, it's just for fun.
Author's Note: This was my very very first drabble, and my very very first attempt with writing a fanfic in English! So I will appreciate every critique, but please, don’t be too cruel! :)

Also posted at AO3 and FanFiction.net.

Abby couldn’t believe it: Burton had changed his mind! The animals in the menagerie were safe! "How it can be?", she asked herself watching the man going out from the office. Turning her head, she faced the obvious answer: "You did this, didn’t you?" her arms around his neck before she finished to speak.

"Ouhc! Steady on!" but he didn’t release the embrace, despite his following words: "These are the kind of thing that leads to office gossip. It’s not professional."

"Stuff professionalism", she grumbled with a smile, and then she rushed to stop his incoming answer with a kiss.

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