Thursday, 10 July 2014

The seven dials mystery (review)

by Agatha Christie

"Which reminds me that George Lomax asked me to come over to the Abbey next week. I refused, of course."
"Quite right," said Bundle. "We don't want you mixed up in any funny business."
"Is there going to be any funny business?" asked Lord Caterham with a sudden awakening of interest.
"Well - warning letters and all that, you know," said Bundle.
"Perhaps George is going to be assassinated," said Lord Caterham hopefully. "What do you think, Bundle - perhaps I'd better go after all."

I was afraid, beginning to read this book, that it would disappoint me because the first time I had read it so many years ago, I liked it a lot, and so I kept a good memory of it. Instead, just from the beginning, when the characters are first introduced, the breakfast is late, there are some funny scene, I was back in love! Indeed, I must say it was a lot of fun to read it again knowing everything, and so being able to appreciate how, when and where Agatha Christie fooled us around! :) An atypical novel among the Queen of Crime's works, but personally I love it, especially the hilarious characters!



That amiable youth, Jimmy Thesiger, came racing down the big staircase at Chimneys two steps at a time. So precipitate was his descent that he collided with Tredwell, the stately butler, just as the latter was crossing the hall bearing a fresh supply of hot coffee. Owing to the marvellous presence of mind and masterly agility of Tredwell, no casualty occurred.

Lord Caterham: Even you can't have been to London and back in this time.
Bundle: I haven't been to London. I ran over a man.
Lord Caterham: What?
Bundle: Only I didn't really. He was shot.
Lord Caterham: How could he have been?
Bundle: I don't know how he could have been, but he was.
Lord Caterham: But why did you shoot him?
Bundle: I didn't shoot him.
Lord Caterham: You shouldn't shoot people. [in a tone of mild remonstrance] You shouldn't really. I daresay some of them richly deserve it - but all the same it will lead to trouble.

He [Lord Caterham] was an execrable [golf] player and in consequence was profoundly enthusiastic over the game.

Tredwell: Mr. Lomax is here, my Lord -
Lord Caterham: I told you at breakfast, Tredwell, that I should be particularly engaged this morning.
Tredwell: Yes, my lord, but -
Lord Caterham: Go and tell Mr. Lomax that you have made a mistake, that I am out in the village, that I am laid up with the gout, or, if all else fails, that I am dead.

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