Saturday, 15 November 2014

Our Neanderthal Complex [anthropology]

What if our ancient relatives did “human” better?

Thanks to John Hawks I found this very interesting article about science's changing perspective on Neanderthal, and how the habit of seeing them as stupid and inferior could actually has been a valid contribution to the work of recent anthropologists. Poor always misunderstood neanderthals, anyway! :)

Grazie a John Hawks ho trovato questo articolo molto interessante sul cambiamento di prospettiva della scienza riguardo ai neandertaliani, e di come l'abitudine di vederli come stupidi e inferiori potrebbe effettivamente essere stata un valido contributo al lavoro dei recenti antropologi. Poveri uomini di Neanderthal sempre fraintesi, comunque! :)

Our Neanderthal Complex
by Lydia Pyne
from Nautilus, october 16, 2014

At the Neandertal Museum. Photo Credit: John Hawks CC-BY-NC-ND

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