Monday, 23 May 2016

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Episode 3.21 "Absolution" [#tvseries #review]

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I find the idea of the famous chain with the cross very brilliant, because a lot in advance (it started in episode 11!) we discovered what would happen, so we had a lot of time to slowly increase our anxiety and concern about the identity of the unfortunate that would die, and in fact even on the net were running the assumptions on the #FallenAgent (spoiler alert, after the episode aired this hashtag could have spoilers!). Well, in these two episodes the writers liked to just make fun of us, because first of all this chain continuously passes from hand to hand, and then more than one character makes some statement that immediately makes us think: here it is, you doomed yourself, you're gonna die! For example (not really very spoiler-y because these are just my thoughts, but I'll hide them t be sure):

I was almost rating this episode 10, because at the end of the season I almost always go very excited and usually final episode are really the most beautiful. But there are a couple of things that I didn't like so much in this episode and so I lowered my ratings a little. The first thing I did not like was Daisy. Ok, she's is still traumatized. Ok she's suffering for what might just be defined a withdrawal symptom because Hive had like drugged her. Still... it's so boooooring! She does nothing but whine all the time, doesn't want to forgive herself and get angry that others want to, and it's pretty much a repeating of what happened after the with she feeeling guilty and others trying to console her.
The second thing I didn't like is that when at some point something bad happens it's all "let's save the protagonist in distress", all the others are dying like flies, and who cares, the important thing is that we bring to safety the only one we care about. Ok, in this kind of series this is quite normal behavior, but Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. is, IMHO, a lot better then others shows of this genre, and I didn't expect from it something so superficial (and almost ridiculous).

Anyway, the episode is actually great, with a super, complicated, very exciting and "we're running out of time" mission and a couple of surprises.

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