Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Robots of Dawn [#books #review]

by Isaac Asimov

Robot Series
The Naked Sun
Robots and Empire
The robot had no feelings, only positronic surges that mimicked those feelings. (And perhaps human beings had no feelings, only neuronic surges that were interpreted as feelings.)
(Page 332)

Wonderful! I liked this book very much! Maybe it's the interesting story, maybe the great characters, maybe it's the mystery. Maybe it's the culture clash, fictional but so real. Maybe the discussion about the future of humanity. Maybe those robots, which seem sometimes so much human and sometimes so machines. Maybe once again I have to admit that Asimov is just so good at creating stories, the book has over 400 pages but it felt so short! Anyway, very, absolutely, awesome! :)


Elijah Baley found himself in the shade of the tree and muttered to himself, "I knew it. I'm sweating."

There were clouds in the sky and the sun, at the moment, was going behind one of them. He looked up uncertainly. On the one hand, it meant the direct heat of the sun (and, the sweating) would be cut down. On the other hand, was there a chance of rain?
That was the trouble with the outside. One teetered forever between unpleasant alternatives.
(Page 2)

Commissioner: It is possible that more people think of you as peculiar than as heroic.
Baley: That is, perhaps, in accord with my own opinion of myself.
(Page 14)

Daneel: I am prepared to be destroyed to protect you.
Baley: You do not resent the situation in which you may be forced to give up your existence for me?
Daneel: It is my programming, Partner Elijah, yet somehow it seems to me that, even were it not for my programming, saving you makes the loss of my own existence seem quite trivial in comparison.
(Page 53)

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