Sunday, 3 February 2013

Death in Paradise: Episode 1.04
(29 Icons and Review)

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In this episode we have a woman who shoots her violent husband, and the mornign after goes to the police to denounce herself. But when they go to the crime scene, there is no trace of the body. Poole, despite the woman's confession, doesn't want to believe that she's guilty because, according to Camille, he's infatuated with her.

A very good episode, having Poole "flirting" with the culprit! :) I like more and more the relationship between Richard and Camille!
Ah, and I think I never mentioned the landscapes that are the setting of this series: they're all obviously wonderful, Caribbean nature is fabulous!!!!!!

I have only one critic to do about this episode: I missed the lizard! :(

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