Monday, 4 February 2013

Death in Paradise: Episode 1.05
(22 Icons and Review)

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Poor Richard! A man is murdered while he's cuffed with him! So our Detective Inspector this time takes it personally! :)

Very nice episode, very funny also because it was Poole's birthday, and for this occasion our Richard shows off all his misanthropy!
The story was interesting, with this murder happened in front of everybody - and then I guessed again the guilty one, and this gives me always a lot of satisfaction! :) - and for the first time our investigators are following two cases: Fidel, in fact, deals also with a snatcher in the market.
Finally, for my greatest pleasure: the lizard is back!!!!

01. handcuffs 02. finger 03. sst! 04. sir! 05. desperate

06. funny face 07. sad 08. smile 09. romantic 10. love

11. close 12. seet 13. Fidel 14. failed 15. impossible green

16. Camille 17. board 18. headdeskwall 19. frustrated 20. up

31. cute 32. kiss - - -

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