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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Episode 1.01 "Pilot" (Review)

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The Battle of New York was the end of the world. This, now, is the new world.
Agent Hill
Agent Ward is recruited in a new team, headed by reviving agent Phil Coulson, that will take up the "strangest" S.H.I.E.L.D.'s cases. Ward is not enthusiastic about the idea, but for this team Coulson wants the best. Than he adds the former field agent now devoted to the paperwork Melinda May and the scientists Fitz and Simmons. Their first case is to find the hackers of this mysterious group called "Rising Tide" that were able to penetrate even the systems of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Oh, that's nice to see, after all this time, a new Joss TV series. Already, in this first episode, there are some familiar faces, whedonian guest stars fished from other Whedon's jobs, like Ron Glass (Firefly) and J. August Richards (Angel), and then Maria Hill from The Avengers.
One by one we know the new characters.
Ward is a perfect agent, he's achieved the highest ratings in spying since Natasha Romanoff. His only problem are his people skills: he has none. For this reason, he doesn't want to be part of a team but he want to continue to work alone. We can guess that his past hides something not happy, and that he and Coulson will not be all a bed of roses.
Fitz-Simmons, I already love them! Two scientists, a boy and a girl, he an engineer, she a biochemistry. They work together and almost all refer to them as one sigle entity.
Melinda May, as we understand, is a very famous agent who for some reason decided to stop with the field work. Coulson requires her for his team as a "pilot", but already in this episode we see her fight in a very badass agent style.
Skye is a very talented hacker who try to warn the world against organizations like SHIELD. This time, however, they manage to catch her. Will Coulson be able to convince her that peple of SHIELD are not pure evil?
And now let's talk about my beloved Agent Phil Coulson! I had already seen its beautiful entrance in the various promos, but by no means it was less exciting! :) I was a little unsatisfied at the momet for the explanation about his reappearance when everyone thought he was dead: Fury simply lied. But then a little later a comment between Dr. Streiten and Hill tells us that there is much more behind the return to life of Coulson. And he keeps repeating what a "magical place" is Tahiti, where he spent his convalescence... maybe he was in Asgard? However, he is as fabulous as always.
Aside from the characters, what else can I say? The bus, the plane that carries our heroes around the world, was only presented, but I think we'll see much more of it in the future. Lola has already done that, in the end! :) During the episode we ear about Battle of New York, Natasha Romanoff, Iron Man and other (spoiler) things. I really like this continuity with the movies, I hope that it will be mutual, I mean, that some of the things that we will see here might have a point in the film. In particular, in this episode is told that the Avengers don't know that Coulson is alive. Maybe they'll find out in The Avengers 2?
Last comment: after the episode, I watched all the credits, waiting, and ... yes! Eventually it appeared! The Mutant Enemy's Zombie! Oh, Joss, how much I've missed you!


  1. Non ho letto il post perchè non voglio spoilerarmi ma prometto che lo leggerò e commenterò non appena avrò visto il pilot, non sono riuscita a trovare un po' di tempo per guardarlo con un po' di calma (sono già rimasta indietro anche con Sleepy Hollow). Mi servirebbero, come minimo, delle giornata da 48 ore.

    1. Ad essre sincera io pure l'ho guardato un po' di fretta, con la paura di non riuscire a finirlo in tempo e dover interrompere la visione sul più bello.... però proprio non risucivo ad aspettare! :)

      Concordo con te sulle giornate da 48 ore, con le serie uove da seguire, le vecchie da recuperare, e i libri, non ce li dimentichiamo... come si fa a fare tutto?


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