Thursday, 20 November 2014

The World Eaters [review]

by Matt Fraction e Pasqual Ferry

Siege Aftermath
The Mighty Thor Vol. 1

Eric: What's a world-storm?
Alien: This... is a world-storm... The very fabric of things is being raptured and torn by strangeness. Something... unholy... erupting here. World Eaters coming. From inside, from below the surface. The gods are having words with one another. When that happens then we the people always pay the price.
(#620, pages 3-4)

This is not my first experience with a Marvel comic, but is the first with a story about a single hero. I bought it by curiosity, and I must say that I was more passionate than I thought! I really enjoyed reading it, so I tried to read no more than a issue a day, otherwise I would have finished too soon!
But now comes the hard part: I would like to continue the story, and I still couldn't figure out what comes next! :/



My name is Dr. Eric Solvang. And first off.. thank you for the opportunity. I really appreciate it.

Loki: Why am I plagued by such sights?
Thor: There are things... there are things all of us have done in our lives that we wish we could forget. Let us just suppose that you were given a gift, eh?
Loki: Will this help? Will you help me?
Thor: Nothing can erase the past. For you or anyone else. All this will do is bring our paths in tandem. You still have to walk it alone. But, at least, you'll have company. Your life, "Serrure", is your choice and your choice alone.
(#617, page 19)

(#618 p. 14)
(#620 p. 7-8)

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