Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Mighty Thor Vol. 1 [#comics #review]

by Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel

The World Eaters
The Mighty Thor Vol. 2 →

We may be gods... but this is a matter for those more godly than we...
(Page 79)

I didn't like so much this comic. The images are very beautiful, but the character not particularly interesting.
I found the reading boring after all, and also confusing, so I thought I'd just stop here with Thor. But then the ending was quite charming, and the relationship between Thor and Loki always wins me, so I think I'll try to continue, maybe I'll see if I can find something in digital format.



Omnipotence has its down side.
(Page 77)

Pastore Mike: Please. Please. We beg of you. Have mercy. Have mercy on all our souls.
Galactus: No.
(Pages 120-21)

Thor: You are my brother and I love you.
Loki: Do you trust me?
Thor: Don't be stupid. Get some rest, Loki.
(Page 139)

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