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A Dance with Dragons [review]

by George R.R. Martin

Not all men are meant to dance with dragons.
Ser Barristan Selmy (Page 1003)

The stories I liked the most in this novel were those about Jon and Daenerys, not because of what happens (that is not so much for a while) but because both of them are two kids on whose shoulders was put the weight of the world and with hard work and pain they're trying to do the right thing. Also, I loved the Theon's story. I still dislike the character, but in this book he goes through a lot of bad things, and made such an evolution that I loved his chapters. If this book had been half as long, I would have liked it more, it would have been more engaging from the beginning to the end and I'd have given him 5 stars, no doubts. The problem is that despite the fact that this book irritated me for about 500 pages, I can't give it less than four stars, and even if it'll be twice as long I can't wait to read the next (and I know that unfortunately I'll have to wait a lot of time!!!).


The night was rank with the smell of man.

"I used to think that it got cold up in the Dornish Marches. What did I know?"
Nothing, thought jon Snow, the same as me.
At the Wall
(Page 56)

Jon: It always cold on the Wall.
Melisandre: You think so?
Jon: I know so, my lady.
Melisandre: Than you know nothing, Jon Snow.
(Page 65)

"This is no game we're playing for your amusement."
Of course it is, thought Tyrion. The game of thrones.
(Page 133)

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.
Jojen Reed
(Page 495)

Things can change quickly in the game of thrones.
Doran Martell
(Page 563)

Edd l'Addolorato: The air is so cold it hurts to breathe. I would stop, but that would hurt worse. [...] This is going to end badly.
Jon: You say that of everything.
Edd l'Addolorato: Aye, m'lord. Usually I'm right.
(Page 567)

Jon: We have a good day for this, it would seem. A bright day, warm and sunny.
Edd l'Addolorato: The Wall will weep. And winter almost on us. It's unnatural, m'lord. A bad sign, you ask me.
Jon: And if it were to snow?
Edd l'Addolorato: A worse sign.
Jon: What sort of weather would you prefer?
Edd l'Addolorato: The sort they keep indoors.
(Page 844)

The Drowned God did not answer. He seldom did. That was the trouble with gods.
(Page 901)


  1. Io i volumi di ASOIAF li ho letti talmente uno dietro l'altro che fatico a ricordarmi cosa succede in quale libro, ma una cosa li ricordo distintamente, ovvero che quest'ultimo libro un po' mi ha delusa perché effettivamente succede poco :\ Sono in ansia perché voglio assolutamente il prossimo libro, ma pare si debba aspettare almeno fino al 2017… :(

    1. A me a dire la verità aveva fatto questo stesso effetto già il precedente!
      Comunque per me la seccatura più grande è che, anche se non guardo la serie, ho comunque paura di poter incorrere in spoiler, perché che ne so se prenderà una piega comoletamente diversa o avrà punti in comune col libro la prossima stagione?!? Uffa!!!! Perché non accorcia i libri di 500 pagine e si sbriga a finirli?!?


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