Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Episode 3.10 "Maveth" [#tvseries #review]

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I'll be damned! Tatooine!

This was the last episode before the Christmas break, which will extend a lot because, like last year, during the winter there will be Agent Carter to keep us company . Once again we close an arc before the break, however, leaving us waiting for next developments that don't seem they'll bring anything serene.

A really beautiful episode, in which we have not a moment's pause, almost all the characters are involved, we come to a conclusion and at the same time we open a new scenario where I don't know what to expect, and new and old characters have the opportunity to give the best of themselves. I like Joey so much, I hope that now that he's back and has become an active part of the team we will see him more often (and I hope he doesn't die, as always happens with the characters I like!). If I didn't already love Coulson immensely, I'd started doing it when, observing the moons in the Maveth's sky, he exclaims: I'll be damned! Tatooine! XD

In short, an episode really satisfying!

A scene that made me laugh a lot! XD

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