Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Andromache [#books #review]

by Euripides

This tragedy is like divided in three parts, because when the first tragedy is resolved, a second one begin, with another protagonist, and then a third one. I found the first part more involving, the one concerning more closely our eponymous heroine. The second and third part disappointed me because it seemed like everything was resolved, for better or for worse, too quickly. But in the end the last lines, from the voice of the Chorus, are very significant and fatalistic, and they make the whole tragedy more painfully understandable. It is not spoilering so I'llreport it here (the translation is mine, from the Italian version):
The divine has many forms
and the decisions of the gods are unpredictable.
What we expected is not fulfilled,
while unexpected events occur as a result of the intervention of a god.
Thus ended the event.

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