Sunday, 7 July 2019

The Mighty Thor Vol. 2 [#comics #review]

by Matt Fraction, Pasqual Ferry, Adam Kubert, Pepe Larraz

The Mighty Thor Vol. 1
The Mighty Thor Vol. 3 →

See, gods are, are, are like, gods are like stories we tell each other, right? And those gods or those stories or, like, stars, or like, whatever they-- they-- they don't really end because they already began, right? You, like, you hear a story-- even though that story ends, right, it doesn't really because you know how it starts and you can star it again-- stories outlive us all as long as you don't forget.
One of doctor Foster's patients
(Page 33 #7.2)

I am still somewhat puzzled about these stories. I still think that the idea of ​​Loki as a child is extremely interesting, but it seems to always remain in the background. I believed that in these comic books it would have been the main part because he was the only one that remembered Thor, but even this time all my expectations were disappointed.
Apart from that, the plot is always confusing for me. There are sketches that seem to be totally disconnected from the rest of the story, others that act as fillers, everything tastes like it's a series of slightly boring steps to get from the premise to the conclusion. I liked this collection more than the previous one, but maybe only because I read it faster and so I got less bored. The characters are not bad, I liked Thor more than usual, the All-Mothers are quite interesting, and even the bad guys were pretty entertaining, for example I really liked Karnilla. Oh, and Odin was practically absent and that's surely a perk for me.
All in all, I can't say that I'm really satisfied with this reading. It wasn't bad, but neither really enjoying. I already own the following volume, so I'll read it for sure, but unless I'm enthusiastic about it, I think that I'll abandon Thor and maybe try with some other character.

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