Thursday, 31 January 2013

Death in Paradise: Episode 1.02
(23 Icons + Review)

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I'm a police officer and I want a cup of tea!
Richard Poole


A young bride is killed in her wedding day. Poole investigates with the intrusive presence of Camille, who doesn't want to fade into the background and demonstrates more than once that she is often (for Poole's annoyance) right.

Interesting episode, even if less nice than former.
The beginning is faboulous: we see Poole that slips out of the office to go... for a cup of tea!! ;)
He and Camille detest each other, and are both not very happy to work together. Most of the time she seems earn points on him, and shows him up every now and then, but eventually Poole is the mistery solver, so the episode ends in a tie! :)

I like very much this show also because it is more a crime story than a detective story, I mean the murderer is always one of the character introduced at the beginning, e in the ending there is the reunion with all the suspect for the final revelation from the detective. :)

About Poole, in this episode he gives us some very funny scenes, like his research for a good tea (he even 'threatens' a barman showing his badge: "I'm a police officer and I want a cup of tea!" LOL!), that finally turns out well thanks to Camille who brings him to her mother's joint! And then, don't forget, his fight against sun and heat, in wich he loses irreparably because he refuses to undress himself! :) I think he could at least take off his jacket when he's at home!!!!


— And Darren? he just married Lisa! What kind of person would kill their wife only minutes after merring her?
— Er... a muderer?
Fidel e Poole


01. Best quote ever! 02. Again! 03. Smile 04. Englishman in Caribbean 05. Englishman in B/W

06. Close Smile 07. Smile 08. Camille 09. Mhm... 10. Together

11. Together 12. Love 13. Standing 14. Lipsbiting 15. Smile

16. Simulated bamfness 17. Simulated bamfness 18. Paradise 19. Not amused... 20. ...really not

21. Beach 22. Alone 23. Lizard - -

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