Thursday, 7 February 2013

Death in Paradise: Episode 1.06
(14 Icons and Review)

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Poooooooooooor Richard!! He's ill, kept in bed by a tropical fever, and moreover Catherine forces him to swallow down chicken stock! :D
Camille is in France, so when a murder occurs on the island Dwayne and Fidel have to deal with the investigation on their own. The Commissioner, however, finds a replacement: Angela Young, a Detective Sergeant who was on the island on vacation. She's really intolerable, hateful since the beginning! Fidel and Dwayne could definitely come off very well without her! Also because both of them, hidden from each other, went to Poole to bring him information and documents, and he had set up at home a mini police station, with blackboard and everything!
DS Young, anyway, although unpleasant, was very funny as a character, and when she rummages among Poole's stuff at the office she makes us discover a very interesting thing: Richard has a book about how to take care of pet lizards! :) I said that Poole/Lizard is the most beautiful pairing in this show!!!
This time, anyway, the culprit was clear from the beginning!

01. Missing 02. Ill 03. Substitute 04. He cares! 05. Gaze

05. Cool 06. Support 07. Sleeping 08. Uhm... 09. Catherine

10. Bed 11. Face 12. OMG! 13. Exhausted -

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