Monday, 14 July 2014

Keep Calm and Drink Tea (25 Icons)

I made a few "keep calm" icons (#1-4) and a lot of icons about tea and cups (#05-24), made with the photos of cups I onw.
The last icon is dedicated to the my favourite season! :)

Ho fatto un po' di icone "keep calm" (#1-4) e un sacco di icone su tè e tazze (#05-24), con le foto di tazze che possiedo.
L'ultima icona è dedicata alla mia stagione preferita! :)


01. Britishness 02. Tea 03. Music 04. Jane Austen 05. Snoopy

06. Snoopy 07. Snoopy 08. Smile 09. Spot 10. Spot

11. Fiesta Brown 12. Infusion maker 13. Black Tea with Orange and Spices 14. Lemon Honey Black Tea 15. Lemon Honey Black Tea

16. Green Darjeeling Tea 17. Earl Grey 18. With Whipped Cream 19. With Whipped Cream 20. With Whipped Cream

21. Teapot&Teacup 22. Teapot 23. Teapot&Teacup 24. "Mia" 25. Autumn

If you're interested you can find all my icons in one page HERE.
Se siete interessati potete trovare tutte le mie icone in un'unica pagina QUI.

Feel free to use and/or share these icons, but please:
- don't alter them
- save them on your own server, or on some free host (for example imageshack) - do no hotlink!
- give credit to
Thanks! :)

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