Saturday, 4 October 2014

Iron Man - Agent Coulson [33 Icons]

I made these icons after I watched the movie The Avengers, thinking that the world needed more Coulson. Now he has his own series (Agents of SHIELD), but I still think that having more of him wouldn't be bad! :)

Ho fatto queste icone dopo aver visto il film The Avengers, pensando che il mondo avesse bisogno di più Coulson. Ora ha una propria serie (Agents of SHIELD), ma io continuo a pensare che avere più Couslon non sarebbe male! :)


001-016: Iron Man
017-033: Iron Man 2

01. First Appearance 02. With Pepper 03. Profile 04. Business Card 05. With Pepper, again

06. Looking at Stark 07. Looking at Stark 08. Not amused 09. Definitely 10. Waiting for the explosion

11. Gun 12. Close 13. Gun 14. PepperLove 15. Cute

16. Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistic Division 17. Second first appearance 18. Amused 19. Threatening Tony 20. Threatening Tony

21. Threatening Tony 22. Tony's Lab 23. Cap's Shield 24. Cap's Shield 25. Phil's feels

26. Phil's feels 27. Tongue 28. Nothing. 29. Goodbye. 30. Goodbye.

31. In New Messico 32. In New Messico 33. We found it - -

If you're interested you can find all my icons in one page HERE.
Se siete interessati potete trovare tutte le mie icone in un'unica pagina QUI.

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Thanks! :)

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