Thursday, 16 October 2014

Ultimate Spider-Man - Coulson [19 Icons]

The second season of Agents of SHIELD has started, but, as I already said, I think the world needs more Coulson! Even just the animated one! :)
When I discovered that Agent Coulson was a character in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man, and he had Clark Gregg's voice, I had to see him! :D And it's quite adorable, just as the flesh and bone version! :D
Plus, I added a keep calm Coulson icon (that, by the way, is perfect for him, because no one can keep calm as Coulson does!!!) :D

La seconda stagione di Agents of SHIELD è iniziata, ma, come ho già detto, penso che il mondo abbia bisogno di più Coulson! Anche solo quello disegnato! :)
Quando ho scoperto che l'agente Coulson era un personaggio della serie animata Ultimate Spider-Man, e aveva la voce di Clark Gregg, ho dovuto vederlo! :D Ed è piuttosto adorabile, proprio come la versione in carne ed ossa! :D
Inoltre, ho aggiunto un'icona "keep calm Coulson" (che, tra l'altro, è perfetto per lui, perché nessuno sa "mantenere la calma" come fa Coulson !!!) :D


001-006: ep. 1.02
007-009: ep. 1.03
010-018: ep. 1.06
019: keep calm

01. First Appearance 02. Not impressed 03. Not convinced 04. Very perplexed 05. ...because...

06. twip twip 07. Amused 08. Priorities 09. Ununderstanded 10. Busy

11. Too Cute 12. Akward 13. Akward 14. Akward 15. Computer

16. Indifferent 17. Indifferent 18. Indifferent 19. Keep Calm -

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