Sunday 4 October 2015

Homo naledi [Anthropology]

When recreational cavers found hominin fossils in previously well-explored caves in South Africa, a new form of scientific collaboration was formed. Scientists were recruited via social media, all products of the research were made open and publicly available and everyone is encouraged to draw their own conclusions.

Maybe you heard about the recent discovery of Homo naledi, a new, interesting specie that shares our genus. I think it's an amazing news, and I'm eager to know more about it. For now, I found this beautiful infografic that I want to share with you.

Forse avete sentito parlare della recente scoperta di Homo naledi, una nuova, interessante specie che condivide il nostro genere. Penso sia una notizia incredibile, e non vedo l'ora di saperne di più. Per ora, ho trovato questa bella infografica che voglio condividere con voi.

Homo naledi

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