Saturday, 4 September 2021

Murder in the Mews [#books #review]

by Agatha Christie

Death on the Nile
Appointment with Death

Poirot: At all events, let us examine the position from the point of view of murder, not of suicide.
Major Riddle: Oh, all right. As you are on the scene, it probably would be murder!
("Dead man's mirror", pagina 233)

Short stories aren't usually my favorite genre, even more so when it comes to mysteries, even more so for Christie's ones. This book is a bit of an exception, I didn't love it like some novels of Dame Agatha, but, perhaps because there are only four stories, and therefore they're a little longer, I liked them more than usual.
All in all it's a satisfying book, nothing exceptional but I liked it and enjoyed the stories, even the one without the omicide! XD


'Penny for the guy, sir?'
A small boy with a grimy face grinned ingratiatingly.
'Certainly not!' said Chief Inspector Japp. 'And, look here, my lad-'
A short homily followed. The dismayed urchin beat a precipitate retreat, remarking briefly and succinctly to his youthful friends:
'Blimey, if it ain't a cop all togged up!'

'[...] One had to humor him a little, of course. But then I always find one has to do that with men.'
With an uneasy feeling that Miss Lingard was probably humouring him at this moment, Major Riddle went on [...].
(Page 217)

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