Friday, 17 June 2022

Murder Is Easy [#books #review]

by Agatha Christie

No, no, my dear boy, that's where you're wrong. It's very easy to kill—so long as no one suspects you.
Lavinia Pinkerton
Page 12

I had a very enthusiastic memory of this novel, which unfortunately has not been confirmed. I found the love story too forced and in the end the revelation too "accidental". It was still a pleasant read, and the idea of the serial killer in the small village, unmasked only by a very observant old lady, I still find it very beautiful and intriguing!


England after many years!
How was he going to like it?

Gordon has very moral and old-fashioned views. Sin in his view does not take place until after eleven o'clock, but then is rampant.
(Page 48)

Luke had a somewhat illogical prejudice against lawyers in general—based on the grounds that so many politicians were recruited from their ranks.
(Page 48)

Bridget: He's writing a book—about deaths and village customs and general gruesomeness.
Miss Waynflete: Oh, dear. 'How very interesting.
(Page 52)

'A little science might possibly be a dangerous thing,' said Dr Thomas with a slight shrug of his shoulders.
'Science in the home, that's what we have to aim at,' said Lord Whitfield. 'Science minded—'
'Test tube conscious,' said Bridget gravely.
(Page 126)

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