Friday, 22 February 2013

Death in Paradise, Episode 2.04 (Review)

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A group of "adventurers" is located in Saint Marie to search for the treasure of the famous pirate Le Clerc. When one of them almost die in an explosion, Dwayne and Fidel began to investigate. But when someone else in the group died of a gunshot, are also involved Camille and Richard, to the delight of the latter that was sick of Camille attempts to get him to spend a different weekend than usual.

I liked this episode less than previous ones. The mistery is interesting, but the investigation a little less. Fortunately, Richard and Camille are always beautiful together! She also names a goat after him! :) And by the way, Poole's attraction for his colleague becomes increasingly evident, episode after episode! I hope that this season will give us some satisfaction from this point of view!
Quite nice the ending,

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