Friday, 1 February 2013

Death in Paradise: Episode 1.03
(19 Icons + 1 Fanart + 1 Review)

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— You are the most annoying man I ever met!
— It's a very small island.
Camille and Poole


Dwayne took part in a voodoo ceremony in which the old woman who was officiating predicts her own death. The next day the woman's body was found in a classroom.

I like this series more and more! This episode was very satisfying in all viewpoints!

Let's start with Camille: in the first episode I didn't like this character very much, in the second one I did, in this one I loved her! :) And I keep cheering for Poole/Camille pairing. In this episode they share a pretty intimate moment...

But let's tell the truth, there is another relationship that I'm really interested in: Poole and the lizard! He talks to her (or him? or it? I never know with animals!), and tries to feed her! Very very cute, both of them! :D

Finally, the last satisfaction: this time I guessed non only who the murderer is, but also



— We're detectives, we deal in physical evidence and forensic science. We do not stick pins in the dolls and dance naked around a campfire.
— Now, that I'd like to see.
Poole and Camille

— Why do I always have to stay here while you run around having fun?
— Because I'm the only person around here that looks this cool on a bike. [...] Look: whoever it is, Fidel, we'll catch them. Because that's what we do: we catch killers. And I look cool on bikes.
Fidel and Dwayne

— If you want to kill someone, do you really do it in your place of work?
— That thought cross my mind...
Poole and Camille


You can belive it or not, but this time I made only 19 icons, and a lot of them are about other characters, and not only Richard Poole! :)

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Poole & Camille

I love these two together!!!! :)
I wasn't able to make icons with these two pictures, but I like them so much that I decides to share them anyway! :)
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