Monday 11 February 2013

Death in Paradise: Episode 2.01 (Review)

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"People always complain about their boss, usually without good cause."
"Is that so?!"
"Yeah. Well, you complain about me when I’m not in."
Richard and Camille

The island is going to celebrate the Vudù goddes of love, but this doesn't impede bloody murder to happen in the old mill of Seymours' plantation. Richard and Camille investigate.

The mistery in this episode is interesting, but not exceptional. But most of all I loved it because I missed this series and I missed Richard Poole! I missed his flawless suits, his pin striped pyjamas and the little pet lyzard!!! Adorable even while beating irritatingly on the white-board! :)
Valentine's Day Vudù version made me obviously hope in some pseudo-romantic scene between Richard and Camille…

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