Thursday 29 December 2016

Rogue One [#movie #review]

by Gareth Edwards

Star Wars
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We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope!
Jyn Erso

Before I start with the review I'd like to share some words to say goodbye to Carrie Fisher. From what little I knew about her she seemed like a nice person, and I felt for her the affection you can have for someone you've never met, but that you seem to know because her performances are somehow part of your life. Goodbye Carrie, I miss you already! :'(

As always, the coming out of a Star Wars film is accompanied, as far as I'm concerned, with mixed and changing feelings. There is always joy and there is always concern. When I realized that the next upcoming film of the saga wouldn't be episode 8, but something that didn't belong to the story, I was upset. Then I realized that it was going to tell something only mentioned in the old saga, and I was intrigued. Then the trailer came and as always I was fomented. And finally on Boxing Day I was able to go and watch it!

The film is beautiful, not a masterpiece, not without criticism, but still well done, and very exciting. The first part is a bit slower: ok, there's the necessity to build the setting and explain the plot, but I can't deny that if I wasn't overcome with emotion at the mere fact of watching a new Star Wars movie, I would have been bored (as it happened to my sister who was with me, and is not a fan of my caliber). The second part, however, compensates the first because it's beautiful and very engaging, and the final battle is really cool and exciting on several levels.

I can't honestly say if this film is really, as I heard, "the most beautiful Star Wars film after The Empire Strikes Back." It sure is better than the new trilogy, and yes, in fact it's even better than episode 7. Surely on me it produced a strong impression, it did not disappoint my expectations, I fell in love with these new characters, and it excited me greatly! There are lots of references to the old movies, but also a lot of new things, the story is beautiful, the idea intriguing and well-developed, everything is exciting, compelling and convincing. :D I hope now that the next films won't be different! :D


K-2SO: I've got a bad feeling abo...
Cassian: K!
Jyn: Quiet!

This is Rogue One.
Bodhi Rook

Baze Malbus: Good luck!
Chirrut Îmwe: I don't need luck, I have you.

Your behavior, Jyn Erso, is continually unexpected.

There is a ninety-seven point six percent chance of failure.
K-2SO ha le stesse buone abitudini di 3-PO di pronosticare disastri

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