Saturday, 12 February 2022

Hawkeye (1983) [#comics #review]

by Mark Gruenwald

Avengers: Hawkeye

I told you there was a reason I didn't sweep the floor.

I liked this comic series, very enterteining.

The drawings didn't totally satisfy me, I was able to recognize the characters only by their clothes, otherwise they seemed all the same. Also, I think they're not very fluid in their movements.

This story is set in the 80s, so the clothes are as weird as they should be, neverthless I find the costumes really funny! XD I found expecially impractical Mockingbird's one, how can superheroes do their jobs with such wide sleeves?! XD

I liked the stories, they aren't boring, and the action is fast and interesting. I think it's too funny that both heroes and villains tend to describe in words every action they are making, but luckily it's not annoying!
I liked the two main chracters, a lot! Hawkeye, although still a bit too pretentious sometimes, is adorable in his bad luck and his love for arrows! :) I also liked him because we can see a very dark moment in his life, in which he even lacks his infallible aim, but we also see him performing in some extraordinary shots! We also discover something new: his bow, like Ulysses', can only be stretched by himself, if someone else tries it, they fail!
This was the first time I read about Mockingbird, and she was a very pleasant surprise! So much so that now I'm curious bout her and I'd like to read more!

A satisfying comic series that really makes me want to continue! :)


Mockingbird a Hawkeye


More on that in a moment. First, in the typical fashion of someone who holds all the cards, I'm going to divulge to you more than you will need to know about me and my business...

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