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The Persians [#books #review]


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by Aeschylus

Ω πλειστον εχθοσ ονομα Σαλαμινοσ κλυειν•
φευ, των Αθηνων ωσ στενω μεμνημενοσ.

O name of Salamis most odious to my ears! Alas, how I groan when I recall the memory of Athens!

(translation from HERE)

I really enjoyed this tragedy, even if I found the Chorus part a bit too boring, because it was so redundant! I liked that The Persians represents, for once, a historical and not a mythological event. I also liked that Aeschylus decided to show it to us from an original point of view: the one of the losers. Let's be clear, only from their point of view, certainly not from their side, because in any case Aeschylus's aim was to exalt the Greeks and their famous victory.
In any case, a very pleasant and interesting reading!

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