Sunday, 8 May 2022

Black Coffee [#books #review]

by Agatha Christie

The Mystery of the Blue Train
Peril at End House

You do not see? It is not necessary that you should see. But I see. That is enough.
(Page 89)

The plot and the mistery intrigue weren't particularly original or convoluted, but I still liked this play a lot! In fact I liked the story, as well as the mystery. I loved Poirot, as brilliant and funny as ever. And I really liked the fact that it was a script, the author's detailed indications, the way the clues are shown by the gestures of the characters, too.
I'm really happy and satisfied that I was finally able to read this book!


Yes, Sir Claud. Very good, Sir Claud.
[Tredwell in the incipit]

MISS AMORY.: I disapprove of these alcoholic stimulants. My dear father always said...
BARBARA.: I don't know what he said, but everyone knows that dear old Great-Uncle Algernoon was a three-bottle man.
MISS AMORY.: Gentleman are different.
BARBARA.: They got away with it all right in those days.
(Page 15)

RAYNOR.: So he is a doctor, eh?
BARBARA.: Yes, but inly an Italian one.
POIROT.: (smiling) Me, I am a detective - but only a Belgian one.
(Page 29)

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