Friday, 27 May 2022

Midsomer Murders [#tvseries #review]

Tom Barnaby: Why do I get the feeling that everyone is lying to me? Everyone.
Joyce Barnaby: They always lie to you, Tom. And you always know that. That's why you're so good at your job.
(Episode 1)

Midsomer Murders is a series that entertains and amuses, the investigations aren't particularly brilliant in terms of the mistery component, but they're very enjoyable. I like the main characters, the guest ones are also always interesting, and the setting is the best part: very very beautiful. I also love the theme song very much: I bought it on Amazon and it was my cellphone ringtone for a while!
I often think that this series is like the "british Jessica Fletcher", and it starts with the opening theme: when I hear that music I already feel more serene, ready to be cuddled by a pleasant and non-demanding viewing! But the main reason why I associate Midsomer Murders with Murder, she wrote, is that it's a crime series in which, however, the tone is always light despite the atrocious murders. The wonderful Jessica Fletcher is missing here, but we have the very successful expedient of the contrast between beautiful and peaceful-looking places, and the cruelty and pettiness of the people who live there.
The series is not flawless, some mysteries are "excessive", it's not very attentive to the representation (in the newer seasons with John Barnaby they tried to do better about this), but for the reasons I just mentioned I like it a lot. Now I want to try to read the books from which the serie is adapted!


You wouldn't think, would you, one small village could have so much trouble bubbling away unto the surface.
Tom Barnaby
(Episode 1)

Joyce Barnaby: Was that Sergeant Troy just now?
D.C.I. Barnaby: Yes.
Joyce Barnaby: I'd like to meet him one day.
D.C.I. Barnaby: No, you wouldn't.
(Episode 1)

D.C.I. Barnaby: Find out what calls Miss Simpson made after six o'clock.
Sergeant Troy: So you're talking it seriously, then, sir.
D.C.I. Barnaby: No Troy, I'm just filling in time till tea.
(Episode 1)

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