Saturday, 26 December 2020

Death in the Clouds [#books #review]

by Agatha Christie

Three Act Tragedy
The ABC Murders

'You can't know that.'
'Mon cher, practically speaking, I know everything.'
(Page 173)

This is not one of Christie's best novels, but it was still a pleasant reading. When I read an Agatha Christie's book it always makes me relax, even when I read it in English (not my native language), they're not an hard task, and they're always compelling readings, if only for the desire to know who is the killer, and how Poirot will found out the truth!


The September sun beat down hotly on le Bourget aerodrome as the passengers crossed the ground and climbed into the air liner Prometheus, due to depart for Croydon in a few minutes' time.

Norman Gale: You're mad!
Poirot: Not at all. I am eccentric, possibly, but mad, no.
(Page 173)

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